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    Tj Shredder

    Hi, just found that app which seems useful, I always want to map my old MIDI controller (Fostex MixTAB) to my different DAWs and other software in a consistent way without setting up too much.
    For example, I have a MotU interface and Cuemix. Cuemix does understand OSC. Other example Bitwig or Ableton Live, Ardour and so on, they all want to be controlled by the same Controller…

    In the mean time I’ll go on and read the manual…;-)

    Stefan Tj Shredder



    while I plan to add the functionality to the website so that users can share their TWO files, I have not done that yet.

    But of course I understand well why that would be very useful, if nothing else to get you started!

    One tip, if you have not already found this functionality in the manual, is that if your software/hardware can also transmit the messages it reacts to (I know for example that Resolume does this), then TWO can build the namespaces for these messages automatically, so that you then only need to define the mappings you want, and perhaps tweak the namespace a bit, without having to manually enter the namespace.

    A bit of time with the manual, and the audiovisual Bach example described in the video on the Download page, will help you get started.

    Any questions you may have, just ask!

    Ilias B.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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