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    I am having a VERY difficult time getting this software up and running. So far I have been able to capture outgoing OSC messages from both my controller as well as Resolume’s output messages BUT I am unable to get both of these connections to be active at once.

    I want to be able to use my controller with resolume as I normally would with the addition of being able to record and playback OSC clips via TWO.

    Can you show me an example of how the address scheme would look for this type of setup?


    If I understand it correctly, you would need to define two locations in TWO, one for your controller, and one for resolume, with distinct port numbers for each, such that, if two was not running, controller and resolume would not communicate. Then, you can create one or more “router” in two, acting as a bridge.

    With echo in the timelines off, the router would do the echoing instead.

    It’s late over here, but let me know how it goes with the above and I’ll also give it a shot testing this on my PC tomorrow morning!


    Yes, I would like to accomplish that routing but cannot find the router function. Any help would be appreciated. If I get this working I can 100% help you sell this product. Let’s do this!!!

    my controller is on 8000, resolume 7000

    what would the global output be set to – resolume right?

    this is where I get lost besides not having found the router function. Even once I am routed I want the global output of TWO connected to resolume correct?

    Hit me with the router function location and whatever else you believe I am stuck on.

    -Robert W.



    I replied to your other thread, but since I didn’t hear back maybe you hadn’t subscribed to notifications, I’ll post a note here too.

    See the example video I posted on your other thread for making TWO work as you describe!

    The only thing I didn’t mention in the video is that if you also want messages to go the other direction, from Resolume to the StreamDeck companion you need to create another router, with the source and destination swapped, i.e. from Resolume’s “Location”, to StreamDeck’s.

    Ilias B.

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