First Alpha Release – 0.9.2 – download comes with the AudioVisualBach example

Finally, after years in development, The Wizard of OSC (TWO) is ready for a first public Alpha release! Version 0.9.2 Alpha is coming up, for Windows and OS X.

TWO provides a set of tools which together allow the recording, replaying, and creative manipulation of digital media control signals (currently MIDI & Open Sound Control), be it for live sound, graphics, show control, or the Internet of Things. Its functionality is inspired by how live electronic musicians perform using a mixing desk and effects.

Along with the Alpha, I have also created a small independent program that serves as a self-sufficient example of TWO in use, accompanied with a video explanation, as well as a manual explaining TWO’s purpose and features.

For as long as it is in Alpha, TWO will be free to try and use. I hope that you find it to be a compelling tool!

In return, I hope you share your bug reports, feedback and suggestions, on the TWO forum.

I intend to iteratively improve on TWO, following your feedback, towards creating a rich, stable, final version for v1.0 release!

The following video serves as a brief introduction to TWO:

To accompany the release, here is a video detailing the AudioVisualBach demo program, available in the TWO Alpha download installation file:

So, head over to the Downloads page to grab the installer, for Windows and OS X!

2 thoughts on “First Alpha Release – 0.9.2 – download comes with the AudioVisualBach example

  1. TWO looks wonderful… Then It would be great if it ran under Ubuntu Linux.. along with BitWig Studio…. I can cope, but I have no love for MS_Win10..

    1. Glad you like it!

      There’s no technical reason why TWO would not work under Ubuntu, all libraries it builds on are purposefully selected to be multiplatform, so it would be reasonably quick to support Ubuntu too.

      Support for additional platforms will however be prioritized first after the v1.0 release is out on Win & OS X.

      Do keep in touch on what use you make of TWO in the meanwhile!

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